Interview with Dr. Exarchou on Adult Orthodontics

Quite naturally, the techniques used in adult orthodontics differ from the orthodontics of children and adolescents. There are now several methods for repairing any orthodontic problem. Each method has a different application, but the results remain the same. You can choose the method that best suits your needs. The reason for the patient to undergo such a treatment is purely aesthetic, and the treatment is carried out only following the patient’s decision. It should also be noted that there is absolutely no age limit for adult orthodontics. Regardless of age, anyone interested in restoring their smile should have the appropriate technique applied.

Adult Orthodontics using Lingual Technique?

The lingual technique is one of the methods for addressing orthodontic problems. There is no impediment caused on speech nor the patient’s daily life in general. This is a technique that few orthodontists apply, since it is a very demanding procedure. Dr. Exarchou practice is one of the few that apply this technique. With extensive experience in the field and specialization in adult orthodontics, the orthodontist can address even the most demanding cases.
The duration of this treatment does not differ from the general average time of any other technique. The orthodontic method selected plays a crucial role, but similarly, so does the experience of the doctor that applies it. The result can be characterized as flawless; Using the lingual technique, it is easy to achieve optimal functionality for the teeth. This is a treatment with certain results, without any complications during its application.

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