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Invisible Orthodontics has been literally transformed with the use of transparent dental movement membranes and digital design. A treatment not dependent on repeated visits to the doctor's office was made possible. On the contrary, it relies exclusively on the perfect design by the orthodontist, and the full cooperation on the part of the patient. An orthodontic treatment without the need for consecutive monthly visits to the doctor's office is now possible in most cases.


On the other hand, for all those who do not want to have an orthodontic treatment with a removable device that requires their full cooperation, there is another solution in Invisible Orthodontics. The alternative method to select is the lingual immobile device which is placed on the "hidden" inner surface of the teeth. In such an intervention, the orthodontist has ultimate control of the dental movements, without the result of the treatment depending on the level of cooperation of the interested party.


On this site you will find information exclusively about invisible orthodontics. More specifically, you can learn more about the two methods, Lingual Orthodontics and the Invisalign transparent membranes with predetermined dental movement.


Undoubtedly, before selecting an orthodontic treatment, its benefits and disadvantages must be carefully weighed. This selection depends on many factors. The interested party is invited to decide whether they can provide their full cooperation, as required in the Invisalign transparent membranes. Another important factor in choosing an invisible orthodontic method is the "visibility" of the device. It is worth noting that the lingual device is completely invisible to third parties while the braces, although discreet, are in fact visible. Choosing the orthodontis also plays a crucial role in orthodontic treatment. The experience and active involvement of the orthodontist with orthodontics significantly affects the duration of treatment and especially the end aesthetic and functional result. For example, lingual orthodontics is a very demanding method. As a result, many orthodontists either do not apply the lingual technique or charge a huge fee, making the treatment have a "prohibitive" cost.


Dr. Exarchou orthodontic practice is one of the few clinics nationwide that apply the lingual technique in a number of cases of any difficulty. In fact, it has a history of more than 600 successfully completed cases. Moreover, it has over 500 cases of orthodontic treatment with transparent Invisalign membranes. Therefore, the orthodontist has the ability to address even the most demanding cases in a discreet or even "invisible" way. Browse our website to find more information on invisible orthodontics and the methods used to perform high quality aesthetic treatments. In the Smile Gallery category, you can find over 100 complete cases using Invisalign or a lingual device. We let the results speak for the quality of our interventions, in order for you to get a picture of what we can offer you in terms of the transformation of your smile. Extensive information regarding every orthodontic treatment method and its parameters can also be found on the website www.exarchou.gr.

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In the case of removable Invisalign membranes, you can remove them at any time in order to eat or in case of any important event. Nothing changes in your daily life, while your smile is being transformed. On the other hand, when it comes to Incognito or WIN internal braces, your teeth literally move incognito, freeing you from the need to comply with instructions during the transformation of your smile.
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Invisalign invisible membranes are a type of orthodontic treatment that can be described as extremely discreet. On the other hand, the use of a fixed incognito device or WIN ("internal braces") can be justly described as the only literally "invisible" method to have an orthodontic intervention. This is why you can improve your smile with both methods without anyone (with Incognito hidden braces) or almost anyone (Invisalign invisible membranes) noticing it.
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The precision of the Invisalign membrane method for predetermined dental movement allows for the elimination of any kind of emergency, the avoidance of unnecessary visits to the doctor's office, as well as delays in the duration of the treatment. On the other hand, the precision in the construction of the personalized Incognito or WIN type lingual device ensures the maximum possible control of the dental movement, leading to excellent therapeutic results, without the need for cooperation on the part of the patient. Invisible orthodontics, therefore, guarantees an aesthetically excellent result with extreme precision in teeth movement.

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