Invisalign – Treatment stages

  • Stage 1

    Initial consultation - Intraoral photos and smile photos.

  • Stage 2

    Discussion of the treatment plan - Intraoral scan of the teeth for the construction of the clear aligners

  • Stage 3

    Delivery of clear aligners and attaching the discreet resin attachments ("buttons") on the teeth

  • Stage 4

    Monitoring the course of treatment every 6-12 weeks at the doctor's office, depending on the case and the conditions. This monitoring could also be done remotely by sending "selfie" type photos.

  • Stage 5

    Intraoral scan after the last aligners are placed, either to construct maintenance/retention transparent device (Vivera) or to deliver corrective/refinement clear aligners, for a perfect result.

Stage 1 & 2 can be performed simultaneously in cases where someone has decided from the very beginning to have an Invisalign orthodontic treatment (e.g. following a virtual visit with the orthodontist).