The entire truth about the need for getting straight teeth, and getting there fast

Most orthodontic patients are looking for ways to get straight teeth as quickly as possible. The question that arises is whether there really is a way to offer straight teeth, straight away. There is an answer to this question, and this is the method of teeth straightening. But a second question that arises is whether getting straight teeth quickly, with this method, will bring the best and desired result. Quite often, an immediate and simple solution may not be the best. We may need to be more careful and persistent when it comes to such a special and important issue.

Is this a method based on aesthetics, getting straight teeth quickly yet effectively?

This method has a treatment time of 6 months. This short time is not necessarily the best solution to achieve the desired result. Fast teeth straightening creates contact only with the back teeth, thus degrading the functionality of the method. In addition, there is a fairly high risk of recurrence due to non-support of the anterior teeth.

For quite some time now, more and more cases have been coming to our doctor’s office, having orthodontic “ultra-rapid” treatments such as “straightening” of the anterior teeth. They come to us due to a very rapid recurrence of the “straightening” intervention, seeking a second opinion or repeating the treatment. A very rapid intervention with a 6-month duration or an intervention only in the upper jaw, usually has devastating consequences for the functionality of the mouth. It is very common that the patient wishes for a good aesthetic result without being interested in functionality. Our teeth are a very important tool for survival, since it is thanks to them that we chew our food. They do not exist just for us to show to the rest of the world, during the few seconds when we smile. Ultra-fast straightening and interventions only on the upper jaw have only one clear result: The increase of the turnover of the clinics that apply them. A non-intervention is clearly much better than such a “straightening”. This is true at least in terms of the functionality of the oral cavity, and the stability and permanence of the result. After all, up to 80-90% of orthodontic interventions have an exclusive aesthetic benefit/impact. An aesthetic upgrade coming with a functional degradation is certainly not a medical procedure. Those who generously and widely apply such tactics in their practice should definitely know this.

Everything you need to know about dental orthodontics

Dental orthodontics is one of the most effective methods for straight teeth. The treatment time ranges from 12 to 18 months and offers perfect functionality. With the use of this method, there is no risk of recurrence because the support of the anterior teeth is perfect. Also, at the end of the treatment teeth are straight without any defect of dysfunction. Choose the safest way to get straight teeth, without endangering your health.

In the video that follows, you can see the decisive role of occlusion when it comes for good functionality. Learn all the pros and cons of each method in more detail. All the answers to your questions can be found in this video. Compare the results, and decide which method to choose, to get the smile you want. Do you want to have straight teeth fast, but you do not necessarily care about functionality?

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