What is an appropriate price for your orthodontic treatment?

What does the price of orthodontic treatment depend on? Does who is providing treatment play an important role? By what criteria should one select the doctor’s office to visit? The above questions are only some of the questions to ask before deciding to have an orthodontic treatment. The price of orthodontic treatment is a very important factor in choosing a doctor’s office. But is it the only criterion necessary to make a decision? What are the reasons for the wide price differences? There are several patients who visit the doctor’s office and ask the above questions. The answer is quite simple. It is normal that there is a confusion over the price of orthodontic treatment, especially when there are wide fluctuations. But is the quality of the results identical, despite the cost?

The price of orthodontic treatment against the results

In orthodontics, a complete and quality result is not only characterized by “straightening” the front teeth. On the contrary, it is what would be offering the patient a uniform aesthetic and functional result. The straightening of the front teeth does not equal orthodontic treatment. This is why the cost of orthodontic treatment can vary from doctor to doctor. As an orthodontist, I have been practicing this profession for about 20 years. The orthodontic clinic has specialized staff with vast experience in the field of orthodontics, of over 15 years. This significant know-how and the knowledge of our subject together with our experience, offers guaranteed results that can give you a beautiful smile. In our office, we use the most effective orthodontic devices and mechanisms, as well as disposables of the highest quality and biocompatibility. By providing the most advanced invisible orthodontic methods, with the use of our top-quality equipment, we offer the best possible result. Experienced staff, like the staff in our practice, could only use the very best of materials and disposable items. Thus, we are in the position to offer the best quality of service combined with the best price for this particular method, as compared to other dental clinics.

The cost of orthodontic treatment in relation to modern medical facilities and relevant equipment.

The cost may be due to the difference in the cost of the facilities and existing medical equipment.
Fellow orthodontists, practicing this profession for years, frequently do not own the same medical equipment. There are cases of orthodontists who carry with them the necessary equipment in a bag and bring it to dental clinics, which they rent for a certain period of time. In these cases, the cost and the price of orthodontic treatment varies. It is obvious that the fee is much lower. But can this treatment be considered effective?

Our clinic is located in a specialized area and operates 100% digitally. We have a 3shape TRIOS CART colour scanner. More than 6 cutting-edge computers with the necessary server are part of our equipment. The TRIOS CART scanner is the most advanced of its kind, arriving in Greece only very recently, 2 years ago. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it has managed to free us from the silicone imprint process. This is the most successful method for a proper orthodontic treatment. It goes without saying that we would be able to “straighten” teeth without this state-of-the-art scanner. The equipment of our practice is an important ally to providing you with effective orthodontic treatment.

What does the cost of orthodontic treatment include?

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child is a quite important decision that must be made correctly. Such a decision could change your life. A smile is a very important factor in our appearance. It can also beautifully highlight the face and enhance its beauty. Therefore, the quality of the result, as well as the overall treatment, may vary among orthodontists. As mentioned above, the price of the orthodontic treatment is not the only factor for the best possible result. We can offer you the smile you have always dreamed of, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our trained staff. All efforts are aimed at trusting us to receive the highest quality treatment, at the best possible price for invisible orthodontics!

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