Everything you need to know about any Orthodontic Treatment Methods

The orthodontic treatment addresses orthodontic issues, and its main goal is to achieve straight teeth. There are some well-known methods of orthodontic intervention, which offer almost the same results using a different technique. The orthodontic treatment selected by the patient plays a crucial role. Fully aware of the characteristics of each method, the patient is able to choose the most advantageous method. An orthodontic treatment is not a simple matter; it takes time and patience to achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is very important for everyone involved to be properly informed before selecting the method to follow.

The three basic methods of orthodontic treatment

There are three methods that can be used to treat orthodontic problems. Traditional, also known as external braces, is the best-known technique to achieve straight teeth. These are the braces that are in contact with the front of the teeth and are, therefore, visible. Lingual braces is an orthodontic treatment method, where the braces are applied to the inside of the teeth. Lingual orthodontics can ensure a beautiful smile, but without the braces being visible during the treatment. Finally, the patient may also choose the Invisalign method. This technique enables the transformation of the smile through the use of transparent membranes causing predetermined dental movement. No fixed device is used in the application of this treatment. These transparent membranes are visible, but much more discreet than traditional braces.

What is the most appropriate technique for your orthodontic treatment?

The decision regarding which orthodontic treatment method to use to transform your smile should be made in collaboration with the orthodontist. However, it is especially important for the patient to have full knowledge of the characteristics of each method, in order to form an informed decision. For this reason, here is a brief and comprehensive table with everything you need to know before undergoing any orthodontic treatment. What are the pros and cons of each technique? Which method benefits each patient based on its characteristics? These are some of the questions answered in the table below. It should be noted at this point that the cost factor is not mentioned as part of the characteristics of any orthodontic treatment. This is because this criterion is not relevant to the medical data nor the quality of the intervention. Learn here about all orthodontic treatment methods and choose the one that suits you based on your own preferences.

The following is a brief but comprehensive table on the differences among the three orthodontic procedures (external & internal fixed device as well as the Invisalign method). This unbiased presentation is here for everyone to draw their own conclusions about which of the three methods is advantageous in their opinion. The cost parameter is not mentioned in the table since it is unrelated to the medical data or the quality of the intervention. It should be noted, however, that if considered, it should be considered as a disadvantage for both the lingual braces and the Invisalign method, due to their high laboratory costs.

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