What happens to the temporomandibular joint causing a crackling sound?

The temporomandibular joint has the role of connecting the lower jaw, or mandible, to the skull. This joint is located on the right and left of the mandible to provide full support. It has quite similar characteristics to the joints in our knee. The temporomandibular joint has a disc as a protection against wear, and this disc which plays the same role as the meniscus in the knee. Sometimes, when we open our mouths, a click may be heard. But what is the cause of this clicking sound? Do you find it disturbing? Is it something we should not take into account or is it necessary to visit the doctor?

How is this clicking sound made in the temporomandibular joint

This clicking sound heard sometimes upon opening our mouths, is due to the temporomandibular joint itself. The disc, which plays a particularly important protective role for the joint, rises to a more anterior location, and there it does not fully protect the joint. When one begins to open their mouth, there may be an initial difficulty in opening. As we push harder to open, there is a greater annoyance until this sound is heard. This crack that follows is due to the fact that the disc returns to its correct position.

With the mouth closed, there are cases where a second click is heard. This is because the bone of the lower jaw moves backwards and the disc advances further forward. It may be necessary to visit a dentist, depending on the case and the degree of pain that one may feel. In most cases, the temporomandibular joint and the noise it makes are not a cause for concern.

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