Webinar on Invisalign biomechanical principles

On 18/03/2021, Dr. Fotis Exarchou carried out an Online Webinar on the Invisalign biomechanical principles. The seminar was carried out for the Israeli Association of Invisible Braces. The webinar analysed the ways in which the orthodontist works digitally and plans the course of the Invisalign method. This orthodontic treatment is a new and modern way of aligning the teeth and correcting certain complications. The patient essentially wears transparent membranes that have been designed on the computer by the orthodontist. These braces are applied to the patient’s teeth and changed approximately every week. After a certain period of application and having followed all the necessary instructions given by the doctor, the patient reaches the end of treatment, with the desired result. This excerpt from the Webinar on Invisalign biomechanical principles analyses the way in which the orthodontist plans the course of the treatment, ensuring its success.

The orthodontist and the Invisalign biomechanical principles to follow, to ensure the movement of teeth

To achieve the perfect smile you have always wanted, you must carefully choose the right orthodontist with the appropriate knowledge to give you the right instructions. The Invisalign biomechanical principles for the movement of the teeth, followed by your doctor, are here to plan the entire course of your treatment. This design is carried out digitally by your doctor through a specific software program on the computer. The final result is determined with extreme accuracy. Essentially, each membrane the patient wears, moves the teeth by about 0.2 mm, i.e., the treatment is achieved in small successive steps. Thus, you select and evaluate the final result together with the Invisalign orthodontist, depending on your preference and the doctor’s medical advice. This means that before you even start the treatment, you can see the final result on the computer screen and depending on this the onset and end of treatment are defined.

The use of Attachments (buttons) according to the Invisalign biomechanical principles

For the correct planning of the treatment, according to the Invisalign biomechanical principles, the doctor often deems the use of attachments as important. The attachments are small coloured buttons that are placed on the teeth to help the teeth move properly. That is, in order to achieve certain dental movements, it is considered necessary to use them. The more buttons the patient has, the better control there will be over the dental movement required by the treatment. According to the Invisalign biomechanical principles, the attachments are placed by the orthodontist with a special glue. This adhesive is designed to hold the attachments firmly in place throughout the treatment. They are almost transparent; therefore they preserve the aesthetics of the membranes. Attachments are not always necessary. It depends on the course of treatment, the medical diagnosis the orthodontist made, and the complexity of the case. In other words, there are simpler cases in which the application of attachments is not considered necessary.
With transparent braces, choosing a specialized orthodontist is of the utmost importance. One needs to have the right experience to design the whole process accurately and carefully following the Invisalign biomechanical principles. With this option, there will be excellent results, and a smooth course of treatment without any complications nor the requirement for additional visits.

The following video analyses how the doctor follows the Invisalign biomechanical principles to achieve the correct orthodontic movement of the teeth with the transparent membranes. The following is an excerpt from a webinar carried out for the Israeli Association of Invisible Braces.

For questions and more information regarding the Invisalign method you can contact Dr. Fotis Exarchou or visit our orthodontic clinic.

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