Is wisdom tooth (third molar) extraction enough to straighten my teeth?

Will your teeth remain straight after having your wisdom tooth extracted? Many patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment wonder if the wisdom tooth needs to be removed so that the front teeth won’t get crooked again. This is a very common and controversial issue that concerns many patients. Extraction of third molars (also known as wisdom teeth) is considered necessary in many cases due to dental problems that they may cause. But could they also cause orthodontic problems? As it is known, the results from an orthodontic treatment must be long-term. Attention and proper care are needed to keep your teeth straight. So, are third molars capable of pushing all the teeth forward, if they are not removed, thus ruining the treatment?

What is the role of third molar extraction in orthodontic treatment?

In most cases, third molars are not a factor causing orthodontic issues. It is common to confuse dental factors with orthodontic factors. The real reason that front teeth may become crooked after an orthodontic treatment is not the extraction of third molars, but the slight movement of the teeth occurring over time. Their extractions may positively affect orthodontic treatment only if the patient decides to have them extracted before their orthodontic treatment, in order to make use of the extra space. Therefore, before extracting the third molar, it is necessary to investigate and also examine if this is an orthodontic or dental issue. Being correctly informed regarding any oral problem presented is critical, so that the patient does not undergo unnecessary treatments.

Myth or Truth? Does Third Molar (Wisdom Tooth) Extraction Affect Straight Teeth?

The following video makes a brief reference to the myth that the wisdom teeth should definitely be removed following orthodontic treatment. What is the probability that the front teeth will get crooked again and the result of the treatment be lost? For what reasons, is it therefore necessary to extract third molars, for orthodontists or dentists? Is there any scientific evidence to substantiate this view? These are some of the questions that a patient is particularly concerned about when it comes to extracting wisdom teeth. All the answers to the above questions can be found in the video below!

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