The “Invisalign in children and adolescents” webinar: The usefulness of the method

The “Invisalign in children and adolescents“: Webinar showcased issues related to the method of invisible membranes and its benefits to children and adolescents. The webinar took place on Saturday, 24/4/2021. The keynote speaker was Dr. Fotis V. Exarchou, who spoke about the usefulness of the method. The online presentation was aimed at fellow orthodontists, members of the Polish Society of Transparent Braces. Invisalign First Treatment is aimed at children and adolescents. It is designed exclusively for children, so that it can be used to treat various orthodontic issues. It is appropriate even in the case where there are many deciduous teeth, or during the eruption of permanent teeth. This is a method that involves invisible orthodontics, which, together with lingual orthodontics, replaces the mobile braces and the use of a fixed device. The innovative Invisalign method was presented in the “Invisalign in children and adolescents” webinar.

Topics of the “Invisalign in children and adolescents” Webinar

Orthodontic intervention with transparent braces was the central subject of the “Invisalign in children and adolescents” Webinar. Invisalign Transparent Membrane Treatment will help children and adolescents to have their orthodontic problems treated effectively. Also, transparent Invisalign membranes are ideal for those who wish to have a discreet orthodontic intervention. The Invisalign method is a feasible orthodontic intervention that can be performed on children as young as 7-10 years old. Treatment is carried out almost entirely digitally, so all you have to do is trust your doctor. Frequently asked questions regarding the Invisalign method focus on the procedure and duration of the treatment, as well as its difference with classic braces. In the “Invisalign for children and adolescents” webinar, the topics mentioned above were all addressed.

What is the procedure of the Invisalign method?

As mentioned in the “Invisalign for children and adolescents” webinar, the procedures involved in the orthodontic treatment with transparent braces are very simple and easy. The Invisalign orthodontist digitally designs the transparent membranes that will be placed in the patient’s oral cavity. He very carefully creates a digital movement of the teeth in small successive steps, measuring 0.1-0.2mm. This procedure will enable each tooth to reach the desired final position. It is possible to change the formation of the teeth by constructing transparent membranes with predefined dental movement. And all this happens without the need for glued-on braces, monthly visits to the orthodontist, nor the possibility of any emergencies. What is the main condition in order for you to achieve the desired result? It’s the cooperation and the compliance with the instructions given to you by your Invisalign orthodontist. The transparent membranes must remain within the oral cavity for 22 hours a day. They are removed only before your meals and when brushing your teeth.

Duration of Invisalign treatment

The first phase of the treatment with Invisalign First membranes lasts about 6-15 months. After the end of this period, there is a pause until 12-13 years of age, where the eruption of all permanent teeth will be complete. At this point, as explained by Dr. Fotis V. Exarchou in the “Invisalign for children and adolescents” webinar, the need to go on a new orthodontic intervention will be considered. It goes without saying that the second orthodontic treatment will be simpler and easier, since there already was a first phase of the intervention. If there has not been any first phase of treatment, your orthodontist will need to advise you on how to proceed. If you are still wondering or want to learn more about the Invisalign method, do visit or call our orthodontic practice! We have dealt with over 500 cases of orthodontic treatment with transparent Invisalign membranes. Put your faith in us!

Orthodontics with clear braces vs. classic braces: What is the difference?

Choosing this particular treatment, as presented in the “Invisalign in children and adolescents” webinar, has many advantages. First of all, the invisible membranes do not put a burden on the hygiene of the oral cavity. Moreover, the material from which the membranes are made does not cause any injuries to the lips and gums. Furthermore, their removal is very easy and can be performed at the patient’s home, without the need to visit an orthodontic clinic. In particular, the Invisalign orthodontist has prepared all the membrane sets that will be needed before the onset of the treatment. All you need to do is to change the membrane every 5-7 days. One of the strongest benefits of the Invisalign method, which was also presented in the “Invisalign for children and adolescents” webinar, is that the tooth movements are completely targeted. It is impossible to achieve such detailed targeting with the use of an acrylic plate (“mobile braces”). And what would possibly be the most crucial advantage? The convenience and comfort that the device provides to the children themselves. A small excerpt from the speech that Dr. Fotis V. Exarchou gave during the “Invisalign for children and adolescents” webinar can be found at the video at the end of this article.

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