What are the two methods in cosmetic, or aesthetic, orthodontics?

Cosmetic orthodontics is all about the restoration of aesthetic problems of the teeth. It is mainly used for cases of either broken or damaged teeth. The treatment is mainly based on the reconstruction of the tooth tissues in order to achieve a proper function of the tooth. You can find different methods for the restoration of your smile depending on your needs. See everything you need to know before making a decision and select.

Which Cosmetic Orthodontic Method is the Most Suitable?

There are several methods for Cosmetic Orthodontics. Beyond the “traditional” external ceramic device, you can choose between two other methods. Below you can read the pros and cons of each method, for your information. Both treatments have been widely used since the establishment of our practice in 2006. They are therefore extremely safe, without compromising your health or damaging your teeth.

Cosmetic Orthodontics using a Lingual Device

This is a method that is not noticeably visible, since it is placed on the interior surface of the teeth. It has a longer period until complete recovery than any other orthodontic devices. With this treatment, the patient will not face any problems regarding the adjustment period, and there will be absolutely no difficulties in the patient’s daily life. It is a highly effective method that can give you a wonderful smile. Our practice is one of the few that use this technique.

Cosmetic Orthodontics with Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces, or else Invisalign invisible membranes are removable membranes that cover the entire surface of the teeth without extending to the gums. The membranes are barely visible, but not unpleasant to the eye. The adjustment time is quite short and at the same time effective, compared to other methods. These transparent membranes are placed and removed very easily without the need for the orthodontist to intervene. Finally, at each meal, they need to be removed and repositioned.

Read more about these two methods and decide what suits you best. Each one has its own different comfort for your daily life and depending on your needs, you should choose the one you prefer.

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