Beautiful Smile and “Straight” Teeth: Is it the same thing?

Does a beautiful smile necessarily mean straight teeth? These two things are often confused, or even identified, but this isn’t always the truth. To have a beautiful smile does not necessarily mean that you have straight teeth. Your smile is about aesthetics, while straight teeth are an orthodontic issue. An orthodontic treatment can offer the perfect smile combined with the right position of the teeth. The difference between “straightening” teeth and orthodontics is that in the first method, the functionality of the teeth is degraded, and it does not provide the perfect smile from the aesthetic point of view! Before a patient selects a treatment, it is therefore necessary to be fully aware of its results and whether it will actually offer what the patient desires.

Can the “straightening” of the teeth offer a beautiful smile?

The so-called straightening of the teeth is not part of Orthodontics. For this reason, in many cases, it may bring the opposite results from what desired. A beautiful smile is not something simple. The wrong treatment can be damaging to the teeth, both aesthetically and functionally. An orthodontist must aim to offer the best possible result for the patient. If you just want to get a beautiful smile, it is necessary to select the “straightening” method. This treatment creates the risk of not supporting the anterior teeth and creating a ‘buck teeth’ effect. Would you be happy with such a result?

What does the perfect smile look like, at the end of the day?

In the figure below you can see three types of smiles, created using different methods. Figure 1 shows a smile with slightly crooked teeth. With the method of teeth “straightening”, this smile will be transformed as shown in figure 3. Is this the result you have been dreaming of? This smile is not aesthetically pleasing, and there is a possibility that in the future it will cause problems with the functionality of the teeth.

At our orthodontic practice, we offer the most suitable orthodontic treatment for you in order to get the perfect smile that you have always wanted. Thanks to the experienced and specialized staff at our practice, we guarantee you the most functional and aesthetically pleasing result. Selecting a treatment for a beautiful smile is a very important decision that you have to make. What would you like for yourself or for your child?

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